Ecuador’s economy is in trouble and it’s the top oil producer in the OPEC world, but it also has a long history of political turmoil.

So, it’s not surprising that its oil reserves are also being threatened.

A study published in The American Economic Review shows the country’s reserves are actually declining faster than the rest of the world. 

The study found that Ecuador’s reserves declined by 9.4% between 2010 and 2016, a figure that was significantly higher than the 10.7% decline of the global oil industry.

The country has long been known for its oil, but the decline in the past year is worrying because the country has been growing faster than all other OPEC countries.

The country is one of the biggest producers in the world, so its rapid growth has been seen in other countries too. 

But Ecuador is also the world’s second largest producer of natural gas.

Its exports of natural-gas are the biggest in the region, but as the region grows more dependent on imports, it is becoming increasingly reliant on the domestic market to produce its gas. 

In an attempt to protect its natural gas reserves, Ecuador has taken the unusual step of banning all new wells and pipelines from neighboring Mexico and Canada, and banning all oil production in its territory. 

It is a major blow to the industry, but Ecuador is not alone in its troubles.

The United States and Saudi Arabia have also seen rapid declines in reserves. 

This is because their production has increased in recent years as the world has become more dependent upon imported oil. 

Other countries, such as Canada and Mexico, have also suffered from the same trends. 

While Ecuador is the world leader in the oil industry, its export economy has been struggling to adapt to the rising demand for natural gas in the United States. 

President Rafael Correa is taking action to prevent the United Kingdom from exporting its shale gas to Ecuador, but he is also taking steps to reduce its reliance on foreign oil.

The president has promised to cut the amount of imports by 80% by 2025. 

“The United Kingdom is a natural resource and our natural resources should be protected.

The problem is that the price of oil is very high,” said the president. 

Correa has also vowed to increase the amount that Ecuador can import from its neighbors in the Caribbean, and this is something that the country is considering. 

On a global scale, oil and gas is an important part of the economic pie, but when it comes to Ecuador’s oil, the country depends on the United Arab Emirates, Russia, and Venezuela to produce the vast majority of its oil.

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