A new battery technology called lithium-ion batteries can provide a boost to the performance of an electric vehicle, but it also puts some electric vehicles out of reach for those who want to buy an alternative.

The latest development in battery technology involves the development of a “low energy density” battery.

This technology uses a small battery that can store a very small amount of energy for use when there is not enough power for the battery to run.

In this case, this battery is based on a polymer electrolyte that has been made from a polymer called poly(methyl methacrylate).

The polymer is a very thin material that has a very high electrical conductivity.

This means that the battery can be stored in a battery pack for extended periods of time.

In the case of lithium-ions, the battery pack is made from an anode material, a cathode material and a electrolyte.

The anode of an electrolyte has a conductive part and a negative electrode.

The negative electrode is connected to a positive electrode and an electrolytic fluid.

The electrolytic is then pumped into the battery.

The battery will eventually discharge if the electrolytic becomes saturated.

This low energy density battery technology could potentially offer a major advantage for electric vehicles because it will be able to store more energy than a standard lithium- ion battery.

However, the development is still in its infancy.

The new technology will use a polymer that has already been developed by companies like the UK-based company Shinn and Panasonic.

This polymer has the same conductivity as the polymer used in lithium-ionic batteries.

The problem is that lithium-ios batteries don’t have a high electrical capacity and therefore, a large amount of power is required to run them.

The polymer used for the new polymer electrolytes is made of two materials that are very similar to one another.

They are polypropylene, which is an aqueous polymeric polymer, and a thin film called polyvinyl chloride.

The problem with using polypropane for the polymer electrolysis is that it is very expensive.

This can be a problem for companies that want to develop the technology, as they must find ways to keep their costs down.

In fact, it has been known for some time that polypropylene can have very high energy density.

A recent study in the journal ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces found that the polymer polymer that was used in this research could have an energy density of over 7,000 watts per kilogram.

In other words, the polymer could provide a significant boost to electric vehicle performance.

However, the high energy densities of polypropene and lithium-isotope batteries are not unique to electric vehicles.

A battery made from this polymer electrolytically behaves very similarly to a lithium-iodide battery, and these types of batteries are widely used in power stations and on the road.

This type of battery is known as a “solid-state” battery, which means that it has a low energy density because the lithium ion in the battery has a lower charge potential than in a lithium ion battery that is in a conventional battery.

The technology being developed in this study is called “Lithium-Ion-MnO-Pt-Poly” (LIP-PY-PTP) and it is based in the polymer materials used in the anodes of lithium ion batteries.

The scientists have been able to produce a polymer-based battery that has very low energy levels because the polymer is made in a closed form.

This is a major drawback in electric vehicles as it is possible to build a battery from materials that will become saturated with the electrolyte, which will damage the battery in a short period of time if not addressed.

The researchers say that they have been using a polymer of this type for more than a decade and that it provides significant advantages over other materials in terms of energy storage, charging and discharging capacity.

However it is important to note that the new research comes as the technology is still relatively new and not all manufacturers have the same expertise.

The companies that have been working on this technology are all using different materials.

In terms of the energy storage benefits, the researchers say it could potentially have a significant effect on the electric vehicle market because it can store up to 50 percent more energy when compared to conventional batteries.

However it is not clear how much of this energy is actually being stored in the car.

The potential benefit of this new battery is that the batteries could be used to replace the existing electric vehicle battery, meaning that an electric-vehicle could be more efficient.

However the main advantage of this technology is that because it is a low-cost polymer, it is more environmentally friendly.

Because of this, this technology could be an alternative to the costly and time-consuming development of battery technology.

However if the technology were to be adopted by manufacturers that do not already have the expertise, the potential is that this new technology could quickly become a major competitor to existing battery technology in the

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