article A new electric stove could help people with less energy use.

Electric stoves can use less electricity to heat the water, cook the food and boil the vegetables they cook.

However, if you’ve been using an electric stove for long, you may have noticed the heat output dips and the cooking times take longer.

Electric stove makers are looking for a way to improve their products and are looking to get the ball rolling.

They have developed an electric motor that converts heat into electricity.

This is a new technology that could transform the electric stove.

The motor converts the heat of the food to electricity, and can also be used to power appliances like electric pumps and air conditioners.

The electric motor will only use up a small amount of electricity, so you’ll need to buy some extra parts to get it going.

The company is hoping the motor will revolutionise electric stove maintenance and repair.

If you have an electric electric stoves, you can contact Electric Stove Support for help.