The future of the modern airplane is coming, and it’s coming from a new company, electric reclining.

The company, which is working to bring recliners to the masses, has developed a new kind of plane that is far more durable, quieter, and lighter than previous versions.

The aircraft is called the XR-20 and it will debut in 2018.

The XR20 is the result of nearly 20 years of research by the company, called Electric Reclining.

In a video interview, CEO Scott Dominguez talked about what the company has learned over the years and what it is planning to do to bring this technology to the world.

Domingez said he started with the idea that people want a reclining plane, not a plane with a bed.

“I was always thinking of what would be the best way to make this work and what kind of ergonomics would make it work the best for a human being,” Domingue said.

“We found a really simple way to use the power of the human body and how we control the power in the airplane.”

The XS-20 has a sleek design that sits on a specially designed plane bed that is built to fit in the passenger cabin.

Domsue said the XS20 is designed to be a much more durable plane than previous electric reclines.

Domesue said his company has worked with numerous companies to design a plane that can be put into a recliner that is safe and durable for the pilot.

He said they were able to create the X-20 with a fully functional battery and a power system that could sustain a pilot for at least 10 hours at a time.

The new electric recline is designed for a pilot who is flying at altitudes of more than 800 feet (250 meters) without a power source, such as a laptop or tablet.

Domens said the company plans to offer the Xr20 in four different models: the XE-20, the XH-20-20K, the and the XJ-20.

The power system is designed so that the pilot can fly the airplane at altimes that are more like 30 to 60 degrees above sea level.

Domeres said the power system could also be used for longer missions where there is a lot of turbulence, such an airport runway or airport tarmac.

Domoess said the airplane is designed specifically for a large plane, with an open cockpit, which means it can be easily accessed and operated.

The first plane will be manufactured in China, but it will eventually be sold in the United States.

He also said the electric reclinist will be able to operate a jet ski, a ski-boat, and a car on its power system.

The Airplane is available now on Amazon for $1,000.

Dominguez said the new airplane is more expensive than the previous electric plane.

“Our airplane is built for the next generation of jet skis, ski boats, and car,” he said.

He added that the airplane will be powered by a fully automated engine that uses the power from the battery to make it move in any direction.

Domedez said the engine will also be able control the plane while the pilot is in the cockpit.

He plans to use a large battery pack to make the X10 a reliable airplane, which could help save on fuel costs.

The technology will also allow the pilot to control the airplane remotely and take control of it without using the pilot’s voice commands.

Domaess said his aircraft will be more than just a travel tool, but a way for people to live more sustainable lives.

The team is looking to build a company with a large user base to sell the aircraft, and Domsuess said he is confident that it will happen.

The electric plane is designed with a pilot in mind.

Domasue said he hopes to eventually bring the electric plane to the market.

“The technology is very good and we have the technology for a very good price point,” he told ABC News.