The last few weeks have been wild for Ohio’s electric utility.

The state utility, Ohio Electric Power Co., has had to deal with the worst-ever blackout on record.

The blackout lasted from Sept. 26 to Oct. 7, and resulted in the loss of thousands of power lines, causing the utility to lose billions of dollars.

In the aftermath of the blackout, Ohio Gov.

John Kasich (R) asked the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to help clean up the mess.

Kasich also announced that Ohio would seek federal help to clean up toxic coal ash ponds.

The governor said that Ohio could use a $10 million federal grant to help pay for the cleanup of these toxic pits.

The problem with this request is that the EPA is the agency that is supposed to clean coal ash, and Ohio has been fighting coal ash cleanup since its inception.

The coal ash problem in Ohio is actually quite complex.

The Ohio EPA is responsible for overseeing coal ash disposal, and coal ash is treated in a way that it will not harm the environment.

But Ohio’s coal ash plants are often run by a small group of individuals.

The EPA does not have the authority to set regulations on coal ash mining, and it’s the individual companies who have the final say on how much coal ash they mine.

These companies have been accused of operating in a legal grey area.

So in the past year or so, the EPA has tried to crack down on coal-ash mining in Ohio by requiring utilities to submit annual reports to the agency detailing how much pollution is coming out of coal-ish mines.

But the EPA also has been looking for ways to reduce coal ash pollution and is considering legislation to address the problem.

The proposed legislation, which has been referred to the House Energy and Commerce Committee, would require utilities to report their pollution data annually, and that information would be shared with the EPA.

The proposal is also designed to address concerns that utilities are operating in legal gray areas when it comes to coal ash.

According to the bill, the information would include “the number of coal ash operations and the amount of coal that has been removed from the coal ash pits.”

In short, it would give the EPA more information than it currently has to determine how much environmental damage is coming from coal ash in Ohio.

The bill also would require the EPA to provide information on how it processes coal ash from coal-fired power plants and coal-based power plants, which are known to pollute the air.

It would also require utilities, like Ohio Power, to have a plan in place to identify sources of pollution, identify coal ash sites and determine how to clean them up.

The Trump administration has also pushed to roll back the EPA’s ability to regulate coal ash mines.

In a speech last week, President Trump said that coal ash would be “destroyed” if he was elected president, and he said that he would not let any coal ash mine reopen.

But while Trump’s plan seems to be aimed at helping coal-heavy states like Ohio, he may not have much success in getting these coal ash companies to reopen coal ash power plants.

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