Part number: EK-FET1250B3U Price: $199.99 Parts: 8 (1 with AC inverter, 2 with DC inverter) Number of parts: 1 Description The EKFET series of power tools provide you with an electrically powered crane system that includes a hydraulic power jack, AC/DC converter and a DC inverters.

They’re easy to install and are great for home construction and industrial applications.

The EFK1250 B3U offers you the same features as the EK1150 B2U, but with the added power and safety of the EFK1200 B3 and the EKE1250 C3.

The power cord and the DC converter are also available separately for use.

The new EFK 1250 B4 is now available for $189.99.

The parts for the EKS1250 A3 are also now available.

EK FET1260B3: DC Power Cord