A voltmeter installed in a Melbourne electrical pole may not be accurate enough to tell you if a transformer is working properly.

The voltmeter is meant to detect when the battery of an electric power plant is draining away a power line, but it does not always work properly.

What to know about electrical polesWhat to do if your electric power line is disconnectedWhy is your electric line disconnected?

Read moreThe Melbourne Electricity Market Authority has received a number of complaints about the voltmeter, with one person reporting having been disconnected for up to two days without a reason.

The voltmeters are used by Victoria’s electric network to check the battery life of power lines.

The power lines, which are part of the network’s electrical infrastructure, are the backbone of Victoria’s electricity supply.

The Victorian government is considering replacing the power lines with more sophisticated equipment, including more accurate voltmetering devices.

What you need to know before you buy a voltage meterWhat to expect when your power line disconnectsWhy is a voltage gauge on your electric wire not accurate?

What is the difference between a voltage scale and a voltage reference?

Read our battery and voltage safety quiz to find out.

It is not the first time a voltage device has been installed on an electrical pole in Melbourne.

In the early 2000s, the Victorian Government installed a voltmeter on the front of a Melbourne street sign.

The meter recorded the amount of voltage being passed from the poles’ battery into the grid, but the voltage was not recorded on the meter.

A Victorian man, Craig Smith, claimed that the meter on his pole was unreliable because it did not take into account the amount and type of electricity flowing into the power station.

Smith later sued the Victorian Electricity Authority, which eventually agreed to remove the meter, and it is now installed at the front entrance to his home.

Is it OK to remove electrical poles from your house?

Can you remove an electrical wire without damaging it?

Read about the dangers of electric wiresThe Victorian Electricity Market and the Victorian State Electricity Authority have since agreed to a new system that will improve the accuracy of voltage meters installed on Melbourne’s power lines over the next two years.

New systems will ensure that voltmeting devices will be installed at all the power stations in the network, and will also include a permanent grid connection.

There is no longer a need to worry about a voltage measuring device on a power pole.

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