electrical parts source | title Electrical screwdrivers are not the only electrical tools worth buying article electrical screwdriver Parts article electric screwdriver,parts,power supply article electrical wrench,tools,electronic tool source Hacker,Tech,Hardware,Electrical,Tool,Parts source HackerNews article Electric screwdrivers,tools article electric tool,parts source | Title Electric screwdriver is the only tool that can cut wires, says company article electric wrench,parts article electric,tools source HackerInsider article Electric Screwdrivers are the only mechanical tools that can be used to cut electrical wires, a company says.

The Electric Tool Company said that it is developing electric tools that will cut power cables, and it will use the new tools to improve the power efficiency of electrical circuits, the San Jose Mercury News reported.

The company, which is based in Santa Clara, California, announced its plans on Thursday.

It said it has received an undisclosed amount of orders for the electric screwdrivers.

“The Electric Tool Co. is developing an electric tool that will allow us to cut power lines, but not the wires that run through electrical circuits,” the company said in a press release.

“We have been testing these tools for a year, and they are very promising and can cut cables much faster than we have before.”

The electric screw driver will be able to cut wires up to 200 centimeters long, or 3.5 inches, the company added.

Electric tool company has a line of electrical tools.

According to the company, electric screw drivers are among the fastest cutting tools, while the electric tool is the fastest to repair electrical circuits.

The electric tool will be used by the company to cut cable or power lines and to repair or replace damaged electrical circuits or to replace wiring.

The tools are currently being tested for electrical and electrical-related applications in a lab, the Electric Tool company said.