The electric car boom of 2017 is the product of a complex mix of smart business decisions, and smart decisions are paying off.

The most obvious one is that there’s not enough demand for electric vehicles.

The number of electric vehicle sales in the US has surged to a record of more than 200,000 units, but they’re nowhere near as high as they were a decade ago.

That was because of a number of factors.

One of them was that there were a lot more people out there with an electric car than there were with a gas-powered car.

There are also a number more plug-in hybrids in the market than there used to be.

The hybrid category is still booming in the United States, but it’s not yet a big enough part of the market to justify the investment in EVs that Tesla and other companies are making.

A lot of this is down to the fact that EVs are getting a lot of attention and that consumers are paying attention to them.

But the industry’s main issue has been how it manages to sell a lot at a low price.

That’s what we’ve seen in the past year with the emergence of plug-ins and the rising price of gasoline.

We can’t simply assume that we’re going to be a gas or diesel-powered society forever, and we’re still going to need to buy lots of EVs.

The best we can do is get the prices under control and find ways to sell them cheaply and at reasonable prices.

It’s not like we’re getting any better.

In some ways, the market is getting worse.

Plug-in electric cars are becoming cheaper and less common in price ranges around $25,000, and even then, most buyers have limited options, like the range on a single charge.

The biggest reason we’re seeing the market get worse is that the cost of a Tesla Model 3 is $30,000.

And that’s if you’re a person who wants one, which most people don’t.

But we do have some good news.

We’re seeing EVs get a lot better as the cost continues to drop, and that should help to improve the market’s performance.

And we’re starting to see more and more companies start to sell EVs for cheaper than gasoline.

That’s good news for the future, because it means the electric vehicle industry can start to get better at pricing EVs and at managing the supply chain that’s involved in the process of getting them to consumers.

The EV industry is in the midst of a huge transformation.

We saw that when automakers and others began to shift from gasoline to battery electric cars.

It’s going to happen again with EVs.

And if we keep moving forward, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t continue to see the industry moving toward electrification at a pace that makes sense for the world we live in.

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