Electric toothbrush maker SmartTech has unveiled a new electric brush for use on electric scooters.

The SmartTech Electric Toothbrush uses a single coil of battery, which has an electrical current in the motor and a negative resistance to keep it in the right place.

This allows it to be a great alternative to brushes with a lot of bristles, as they are not going to be able to keep up with the motion of a person walking on them.

The new SmartTech brush has an effective output of 40 watts per brush, and is made of carbon fiber with titanium alloy to help reduce friction.

The company says it is aiming to have the electric brush on the market in 2020.

The price of the SmartTech electric tooth brush is $179, which is a lot cheaper than the traditional electric toothbrushing, which starts at around $400.

The brush is available in four colors and can be customized to suit a range of styles, from black to ivory, or blue to red.

It is possible to use a regular electric toothpick, but that is not an option with the new brush, which uses a pair of micro-electromechanical motors to propel the bristles.

The brush comes in three different sizes, and comes in two different finishes, and it is also available in a few different colours, which are available in the Black, Ivory, and Rose Gold finishes.

The battery-powered brush can be charged via an included USB charging cable, and there is a micro USB port, which also lets you plug the brush into a smartphone to make it easier to charge.

SmartTech says it aims to have its electric tooth brushing in the market by 2020.