The difference between gas and electric cookers is easy enough to see.

There are the handles, and the cooking surfaces.

The electric fry can be set on the side of the grill, or set in the center of the unit.

The grill itself is covered in a plastic cover that makes it difficult to get to and from the electric fry.

The interior is plastic, but that’s OK.

The heaters inside are the same size as the electric ones, and it’s all covered in an insulated plastic tray that can be used for storage.

It’s a pretty big difference, but it’s not that big a deal.

But for those who like to use a larger fryer, there are a few more differences to be aware of.

The dimensions of electric fry units are different.

The ones we tested were made from metal, and had the handles made of aluminum.

They were about 3.8 inches (8.2 centimeters) tall and 2.4 inches (7.5 centimeters) wide.

That’s a little taller than a standard gas grill.

The ovens and gas fryers we tested came in at 1.9 inches (5.3 centimeters) and 2 inches (6.3 cm) tall.

They came in two sizes, a 6-inch-long (19-cm-long) oven and a 7-inch (22-cm) electric fry unit.

They’re both 1.4 inch (3.4 centimeters) long and 3.3 inches (9.2 cm) wide, and weigh 2.2 pounds (1.6 kilograms).

The electric oven has a built-in thermostat, which can be programmed to automatically turn on when it’s needed.

The gas oven has two controls for turning on and off the gas heating element, and both have an integrated circuit that controls the gas burner, heating element and water heating element.

The thermostats are located on the front and back of the oven, and can be configured to turn on and turn off automatically depending on the time of day.

The electrical oven has an integrated heater control that can control the gas and water heaters.

It has a dedicated switch to control the thermostatic valve and temperature control, and there are four buttons on the sides of the heating element for adjusting the gas temperature and the water temperature.

There’s also an indicator light that tells you how much water is heating up.

There is no heat source on the electric oven.

The cooking surfaces are covered in plastic and are made of a plastic that is hard to remove from the grill when it starts to heat up.

This plastic covers is made of polyethylene plastic, and is thicker than the metal or aluminum cookware, so it’s difficult to lift from the unit without damaging it.

You’ll want to make sure that the plastic is clean and dry before you open it, but the plastic will need to be cleaned if you want to change the cookware.

Both electric and gas cookers have an internal timer that you set to activate when the gas or water is starting to boil.

It only starts when the heating elements are completely hot.

The time varies from unit to unit, and you can set the time by pressing the buttons on either side of it.

The cookware is a plastic tray.

The plastic tray has two slots on the bottom and two slots that are covered with plastic.

The slots on either end of the tray are for the electric heater and the air conditioner, and they both slide open.

The metal lid on the top of the electric cookware has two holes for the heating and cooling components, which makes it easy to put things in.

There isn’t a lid on this fryer that you can use to store your own cooking utensils, so you’ll need to store them in a separate compartment inside the fryer.

The inside of the fryers has a large, flat tray for your food.

The tray is covered with a thick plastic sheet that makes lifting it from the burner difficult.

If you’ve ever seen a gas fryer at a gas station, you know that you’ll want the tray to fit under the grill and be easy to lift off.

The fryers have a removable metal lid.

The lid is made from a material that can’t be removed.

The hole on the lid is for the air vent and is made out of a metal sheet.

It makes it easier to get food into the fry, but if you do remove the lid, you’ll be putting food directly into the hot air from the oven.

While both the electric and the gas fry units have an indicator that shows when the cook time has finished, you need to open the fry oven first before you can check the timer.

The temperature indicator on the fry unit doesn’t show when the timer has finished showing.

There may be some time between when the temperature has reached the desired temperature and when the cooking stops.

The electronic timer can be turned off or

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