Hacker News user 7dtvparts posted the above video, showing how they hacked a home automation system.

7dts video is not embeddable because of its violent content.

The video was shared by a user who goes by the name, “Hacker”.

The user is known for posting violent videos and other videos of people hacking homes.

The user’s video is very violent, and includes profanity, and even suggests that the hacker can “get the house to burn down.”

The user claims that they can get a smart home to turn on a smart light by setting the smart bulb to a specific hour.

The hacker explains that he/she will have to use a “hacky little toy” that he has found to turn the smart light on for hours.

The video is accompanied by a text message from the hacker to the hacker, who explains the hack: “This is what you need to get your smart light to turn off for a certain hour: a simple piece of plastic with some screws.

Just drill a hole and screw it in the top of the bulb.

You’ll get a long lasting light, just like the ones you bought at the store.

You can make it a bit brighter by turning on the bulb a little.

Just replace the screw with something else.

It will last a long time.”

This is a video of the smart home device that is shown in the video.

It has a bulb attached to it, and a sensor to turn it on and off, according to the user.

The user explained that the light will not work if there is an electric storm.

This is not the first time that the home automation company 7d TV has been hacked.

The company released a video in 2016 showing a smart TV being hacked.