In the 1970s, an Australian electrical engineer named Bruce Bryant began experimenting with ways to make more efficient, low-cost power sources.

By 1980, he was selling batteries to oil companies and was working on a new type of battery, known as a “vacuum electric” battery.

In 1987, he published a book called The Complete Electric System.

Now, the world of power storage is in a state of flux, and Bryant’s batteries have become a major topic in the ongoing debate over whether the world needs to invest more in renewable energy.

In this episode of “Power Forward,” we ask: How did this happen?

Where are the future lithium-ion batteries coming from?

How did batteries get so popular?

And what can we learn from their history?

To learn more, we talk to Bryant about how the lithium-air battery came to be, why he’s now selling batteries, the history of the lithium battery, and the potential for batteries to become a significant part of the global energy grid.

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The Transcript The Power Forward team is joined by: Scott Barrett, a professor of electrical engineering at the University of New South Wales in Sydney.

Scott is the author of “The Complete Electric Systems.”

His most recent book is “Power for the World: An Electric Vehicle Guide for the Global Energy Grid.”

He also co-wrote “The Ultimate Guide to Building an Electric Vehicle.”

He is an author of the book “The Smart Battery.”

And as we said, he’s an author.

This episode is sponsored by American Electric Power, a subsidiary of General Electric.

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