The Indian government on Tuesday issued guidelines to help consumers decide whether to use their electronic bed parts as a source of power for their home, an issue that has emerged as a hot topic for consumers.

The guidelines are aimed at ensuring safety and security of the electronic parts, including the bed, the electric heater, the fan and the wiring.

The guidelines cover various parts of the product that are supposed to be safely used.

The products that are included in the guidelines, including electric heating and cooling, have been shown to cause harmful effects on humans and animals.

In recent years, a number of products have been implicated in the manufacture and sale of such products.

The safety of the products can also be tested by a person who is not part of the manufacturing company, said the guidelines.

Electronic bed parts are sold as a way of increasing the supply of energy for the home.

For instance, a home can heat water for an electric heater or heat a room to heat an air conditioner, but not to power a fridge.

A person using a electric heater to warm a room would also need to be aware of the fact that an electrical appliance in the room is a source for a lot of heat and that they could be in danger of catching fire.

The government has already issued guidelines on how to use electronic parts.

The guideline states that parts that contain high-energy materials should not be used to generate electricity and should be avoided as such.

The products must not be installed in the vicinity of a power source, the guidelines said.

In some instances, such as electric appliances and electric heating, a person using an electric appliance to heat water can also burn themselves or others, as the electric heat is a very dangerous energy source, it said.