BRISBANE, Australia — The NHL’s electric cart company has sold more than 300 electric vehicles, including more than 20 of its top-selling models, to customers in the U.S. and Canada.

The Detroit Red Wings-owned electric cart manufacturer, Blue Sky, said it has sold over 200 of its electric vehicles to customers worldwide.

The first batch of electric vehicles was delivered to the Detroit Red Bulls and are expected to be sold this season, according to the company.

Blue Sky has a fleet of electric cars with a capacity of 5,000, with another 1,000 on order.

The company says the vehicles are equipped with a range of up to 400 kilometres and a range up to 5,500 kilometres.

The company says most of the vehicles sold to customers have been equipped with Tesla Autopilot, a feature which automatically adjusts driving behaviour based on the situation.

The Red Bulls have had two of their top-performing electric vehicles with Autopilon systems in the Red Bulls lineup since they arrived in 2017.